8 Tricks to Decorate a Room with Artificial Plants for Natural Results

Wednesday, December 1st, 2021 - Artificial Plant, Tips and Tricks

Mini Indoor Artificial Flowering Plants that Looks Real

Room Decoration Ideas from Plastic Flowering Plants that Look Natural

Decorating a room with flowers is perfect to strengthen the natural impression in your home. Some home interior designs that carry Japandi and minimalist themes often enliven the decorations with ornamental artificial plants.

You don’t always have to live plants, you can also decorate the interior of the house with a variety of beautiful artificial plants. Don’t imagine that the use of artificial plants will make the natural atmosphere of your home disappear. With a few tricks, the artificial plants you buy can become decorations that look very natural and just as good as real plants.

Here are some ways to create room decorations from plastic plants that look very natural. If you don’t pay attention to details, people will not think that you are using plastic plants to beautify the interior of your home.

Don’t Use Too Many Colors

Artificial Flowering Plants with Minimalist White Pots

There are many choices of plastic flower colors. You might imagine buying lots of colorful plastic flowers will liven up the atmosphere of the house. However, don’t do it if you expect a natural impression.

It’s better to buy some artificial plants with the same flower color or at least the same color as this will make the decoration look more natural. Matching flower colors will also make it look more minimalist. If you are confused about choosing the right color, just adjust it to the nuances in your room, be it the color of the wall paint or furniture such as sofas, curtains, and nightstands.

Separate a series to make it more natural

Artificial Flowering Plants on Vase

Plastic plants are usually sold in the form of a single stem that has quite a lot of flowers. To make it look more natural and lead to a real plant, cut the plastic flower stalks in one stem into several parts. This will make the arrangement more natural because it doesn’t look too neat.

You can use a wire cutter to make cutting between the pieces easier. Don’t forget to cut off the bottom of the stem, because that’s where you usually like to see the bits of wire or metal sticking out.

Apply Clear Nail Polish

Ordinary plastic flower stems are made of metal that is easy to rust. When the metal starts to rust, of course the appearance will look unnatural anymore. You can work around this by applying a clear color nail polish on the stem so that rust does not appear.

Put it in a container

Tricks Decorate Artificial Plants for Look Real

Putting plastic plants should not be hung, although there are types that can indeed be hung. It’s better if you buy plastic plant sticks to put in a container. This will make it look more natural.

You can choose the container itself as you like, from pots to glass vases. Just a suggestion, use a beautiful and harmonious pot or vase with your plastic flowers to make it look more charming. Just don’t put it in a container that’s too big because it will reduce its natural level, and it’s not very space-saving.

Use Pots with Natural Material

Want to strengthen the natural impression of plastic plant decorations as part of the interior of the house? Look for pots made of natural materials as a container. You can use pots made of natural materials, such as clay, rattan, or straw. However, don’t rule out the aesthetics of the natural-made pots you choose, because your goal is to bring plastic flowers to display and beautify your home.

Put Water in a Vase

Not infrequently plastic flowers are intended as living room decorations and placed in glass vases to make them more attractive. Of course you can do that too! However, you should add water in the vase. The presence of water in the vase will make it look as if the plastic flower is a living flower.

Drop Flower Petals

Unlike live flowers, plastic plants certainly cannot die and fall out. However, there is no harm in knocking out some flower petals or leaves on purpose to strengthen its natural impression. Place fallen flower petals around the pot that you place on the living room table or credenza. Guaranteed, the interior atmosphere of your home looks more natural.

Clean regularly

Plastic plants tend to get dusty more easily. This is because the dust sticks to the petals or leaves. Of course, when the dust sticks, a false impression will come out. Therefore, make sure you are more diligent in cleaning and wiping the plastic plants at home to maintain their natural effect.

It’s not difficult, is it showing a natural impression for artificial plants in the interior of your home? If you do the right tricks as above, the natural atmosphere of plastic flowers is as beautiful as using real ornamental plants.

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