6 Tips to Organize a Simple Home but luxurious

Thursday, April 19th, 2018 - Interior Design
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Making the house look luxurious is not easy. The size of the house, the budget and the renovation time are just some of the many things that are considered to make the house simple but luxurious. Not to mention having to specify the right design-elegant, high-end and not excessive. Not a few people who ultimately discouraged because they feel the effort should they spend to renovate a simple house but luxurious will be too much.

craftsman living room with stone fireplace and-crown-molding for Luxury Home

Luckily, there are some easy ways that can be done. Even if you have a limited budget, you can still have a simple but luxurious home. The interior designers reveal that tricks like adding certain accessories to the room and home renovations on a small scale can do to create a luxurious feel on your home. Let’s look at the reviews below.

Luxurious simple homes from crown molding

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The key to the look of a simple but luxurious house lies in the details of the rooms. For example, add crown molding in the corner of the room or the top of the doors and windows. Crown molding that connects walls and ceilings can complement the room cushion and create the impression. Conversely, without crown molding, the room tends to look ordinary, even as an unfinished room is built.

When determining a crown molding design, choose a trim of its width for a more noticeable effect. Not a few interior designers who consider that the more trim crown molding, the room will look more luxurious. To create this effect, you can add several types of molding at home, such as crown, ceiling beams, and chair rails. Costs incurred for crown molding are also relatively inexpensive, especially those made of plastic.

Artwork in the living room, a sign of the taste of the inhabitants

Create an amazing room focus by installing artwork in the living room to display luxurious effects. This artwork can be a unique shaped table and chair, decorative or vintage decoration table or wall art paintings and large-size canvas posters. Room with a view like this makes the house simple but elegant and modern.

In order to get lower costs, you can get paintings or other artwork at secondhand stores. Or, if you want more creative and personal results, you can arrange small wall hangings into unique artwork on the wall of your family room. In essence, avoid a monotonous room featuring elements with interesting shapes and silhouettes.

The selection of colors should not be half-way

Choosing a house paint color is often one of the most difficult decisions to make. However if you are designing a simple luxurious home, there are several color options that can immediately attract attention to the impression of elegance. First of all, there are two types of colors that you can choose-bold and dramatic, or neutral and soft.

Both types of these styles can equally create it. Next, you just adjust the style you choose with the character of the house you want to build and consistent use it. The inside of a black-painted door is also one of the easiest ways you can do. If you follow this option, add some black decorations or accessories in the room to make the overall design unified.

Elegant room with curtained windows

Just like crown molding, a house without window blinds looks like a house with unfinished workmanship. Luckily, the curtains are one of the easiest decorations added for a simple luxurious home. Because the variety of types and prices of curtains are very much, select the curtain with the best quality that you can try. Avoid curtains of thin or transparent material even though the price is much more affordable, because it will give the impression that the opposite of a luxurious design.

For window curtains, be sure to choose the right type of curtain or blinds. Choose made from elegant materials, such as silk, linen, and cotton. If you do not like drapery drapes, other alternatives you can choose are bamboo or wooden curtains. Make sure with this curtain, the feel of the decoration that you are presenting looks well designed.

After you finish choosing, hang the curtain as close as possible to the ceiling to create the illusion of a higher and classy room. In contrast, the curtains that are hung directly above the window give the impression that the room is unattractive and ordinary.

Lighting has an important role

Many contractors choose to install standard lighting, which they may have used repeatedly in other homes they build. This is one reason many homes look standard and like no strong style and character. In fact, lighting has a significant role to enhance the feel of elegance, especially if you want to make a house simple but luxurious.

First, choose a chandelier or floor lamp with a unique design. Lights that have a creative shape will add luxury to the house, because it can also act as a work of art in the room. Then, add multiple lighting sources in one room. In addition to escaping from a dingy room, a variety of lighting sources can also enhance a luxurious impression. Floor lamps and table lamps in some rooms in the home, for example, can create an elegant classic look and feel.

The right accessories will be complementary

Room accessories are one of the most tricky decorations. There is a house with room accessories that are too small so it looks empty, there is also a house that has room accessories too much as an excuse to add decorating budget. Then, how to find a middle ground for both? The answer is in accessories with golden color.

The golden color can instantly create an elegant feel for not too many gold accents in one room. Photo frames, lamp ornaments, and gold-colored table hangings all in one room will be painful. Most accessories are golden even make the room look tuppenny and feel uncomfortable. In order not too many accessories colored gold, silver, chrome and nickel can be an alternative because it has a more calm style but still showing the impression of a simple but luxurious home. Accessories with these styles will make it easier.

Those are some of the most popular inspirations if you want to make simple but luxurious homes with ease. However there’s an easier and more affordable way you can: keep it neat and clean. Provide budget for home cleaning utensils, such as vacuum cleaners, and quality wipe soft cloth.

6 Tips to Organize a Simple Home but luxurious Pictures

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