7 Sundries of Ribbon Glass for Home Windows

Wednesday, December 8th, 2021 - Exterior Architecture

Get to know Ribbon Glass as a Home Window

Glass is one of the mandatory materials in a house. In addition to furniture such as tables, glass is also used as a door and window material so that the house will be free of stuffy and brighter because it is exposed to sunlight.

Available in various types, one type of glass for you to use is ribbed glass, also known as tinted glass. Well, for those of you who are planning to use and install ribbon glass on the windows of your house, there is some information that you should know first. Therefore, let’s look at the sundries about the glass ribbon in the article below!

What is Ribbon Glass?

tinted glass windows Home Architecture Design Ideas

You need to know, ribbon glass or tinted glass is glass made from different raw materials than plain glass so that it can produce special colors such as brown, blue, and even gray. In contrast to ordinary plain glass, the production of ribbon glass that produces color is produced from the process of adding metal oxides whose use provides a number of advantages to house windows.

Ribbon Glass Can Reduce Excess Heat

If the windows in your house get excessive heat, then you can consider using ribbon glass on the windows or ceiling of the house. This is because the ribbon glass can withstand sunlight up to 55% so that the room will be free from excessive hot air.

If you are currently still in the stage of building or looking for a new house, there is nothing wrong with choosing this material from the start for the windows of the house. Thus, the possibility of hot air in the new house can be immediately minimized.

Ribbon Glass Makes Home Cooler

Elegant Luxury Interior Design Concept with Tented Glass

Having the optimal ability to reduce excess heat from the sun means that ribbon Glass will make your home feel cooler and more comfortable. That way, you can also reduce electricity consumption because the cool air in the house makes you no longer need to keep turning on air conditioners such as air conditioners or fans.

Ribbon Glass to Reduce the Risk of UV Rays

In addition to minimizing hot air from the sun, the use of ribbon glass is also very effective in protecting yourself from the risk of harm due to UV rays. So, if you want to avoid direct UV exposure to the skin, you can install ribbon glass in several parts of the house, for example in the bedroom window or the window adjacent to the sitting area in the living room.

Ribbon Glass to Protect Home Furniture

Not only damage the skin, excessive sun exposure can also cause damage to furniture, wall paint, and even decorations in your home. So, if you want your furniture and decorations to be more durable or the interior wall paint colors don’t fade easily, you can consider using ribbon glass.

However, this of course must be accompanied by the selection of quality wall paint and home furnishings. Isn’t it pointless if you have used ribbon glass to protect the furniture, but it turns out that the quality of the furniture itself is not good enough so that it has the potential to be damaged even though it is not exposed to the scorching sun?

Ribbon Glass to Improve Home Security

Security is another important thing that you should consider when building a new home. By using ribbon glass, you can minimize the occurrence of crime, especially if you use dark ribbon glass which can make it difficult for people from outside the house to peek into the inside of your house.

However, even though the ribbed glass can block views from outside into the house, you should still use curtains on the windows as extra protection. In the morning and afternoon, you can open the curtains so that sunlight can still enter the room.

Ribbon Glass to Make Your Home More Artistic

The many color variations of ribbon glass can also make the exterior of the house look more artistic and charming. Meanwhile, sunlight penetrating the ribbon glass will produce beautiful color reflections in the interior design of the house, so its use is very suitable if you want to make the house look more aesthetic.

Currently, ribbon glass is very easy to find on the market and is sold at a price not much different from ordinary plain glass. So, are you interested in applying ribbon glass on the windows of your new home?

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