Get to know the advantages and disadvantages of zincalume roof


Knowing all about Zincalume Roofing

There are many types of materials that you can use to make the roof of the house. One that is currently being popularly used is zincalume roof which is famous for its strength, ease of installation, and low price.

However, before you buy a zincalume roof, it’s a good idea to know what are the advantages, disadvantages, and price range of this material on the market. Come on, just take a look at the following reviews about the zincalume roof!

Advantages of Zincalume Roofing

The existence of zincalume roofs on the market that still survives today is not without reason, but because this type of roof has a number of advantages that make it popular. The following are the advantages of zincalume roofing:

Multiple Uses

This material is made from a mixture of various materials, including aluminum, steel, and zinc. Although it is often used for roofing purposes, this material can be used for various purposes for the construction of other house elements, such as canopies, garages, room dividers, and even materials for making home interiors.

Easy Installation

Another advantage of zincalume roof is that it is lighter in weight than other roofing materials. That way, you can save time even though you install a large zincalume roof and of course will minimize your expenses for paying builders.

Easy to Shape

Besides its light weight, zincalume roof is also very easy to shape and cut. So, you can get the shape of the roof that you want or the concept of the building that is carried. However, make sure you are careful when installing it so that it can withstand the wind.

Anti Rust and Corrosion

Another advantage of the well-known zincalume roof is its good quality to prevent rust and corrosion. This advantage is produced from a mixture of zinc, aluminum, and resin materials so of course the use of zincalume roofing can be durable and not easily damaged.

Optimal Reflect Light

Another advantage of the zincalume roof is the presence of a passivation layer. This coating is very effective in presenting a surface with a glossy appearance so that it can reflect light and heat optimally.

Withstand Various Weather Conditions

In addition, zincalume roof is also resistant to various temperature and weather conditions. Thanks to the production of zincalume roofing which is carried out at high temperatures, this makes this roof able to be used in various building temperature conditions. Thus, this type of roof is also suitable for use even in tropical climates.

Cheap price

The many advantages of zincalume roofing make this material still in demand. What’s more, the zincalume roof is also sold with a very affordable price tag. You can buy a zincalume roof with prices starting at $3 per square meter. However, the price is also influenced by the thickness available in the market.

Disadvantages of Zincalume Roof

Although it has many advantages, zincalume roofs also have some disadvantages that you should also consider. Meanwhile, the disadvantages of this type of roof are:

Easy to scratch

zincalume roof is quite easy to get scratched so you should still be careful when installing or storing it. This is so that the zincalume roof does not hit and cause scratches that can cause rust.

Noisy When Exposed to Rainwater

In addition, the zincalume roof also tends to make a noisy sound when it rains. Because this material is quite thin and light, zincalume roofs also have a higher noise level than other types of roofs. So, if you can’t stand the noise when it rains, then you should reconsider using this material. If you still want to use a zincalume roof, you can install a silencer in the interior of the house to minimize the noise.

Those are some of the advantages, disadvantages, and price ranges of zincalume roofing. So, are you interested in using this type of roof?

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