9 Wicker Craft Furniture Ideas That Can Be Modern Minimalist Home Decorations

Thursday, October 28th, 2021 - Interior and Exterior Design

Various Wicker Furniture for Home Decoration

Confused about what decorations are suitable for modern minimalist or Japanese-style home designs? The Japanese interior design concept that emphasizes simple, functional, and natural nuances may often make you confused about decorating it. I’m afraid that if there are too many decorations, the impression of Japan will fade. Another confusion that often strikes in the selection of Japanese home decorations is the raw material for decoration. In addition to wood materials, you can decorate the concept of a Japandi house with rattan craft furnitures that also have a natural nuance.

There are many types of rattan furniture that are not only cute, but also functional according to the Japandi concept. What’s more, rattan crafts are full of natural elements that are the hallmark of Japanese-style interiors.

So, what are some rattan craft furniture that you can display and put in your Japandi home? Here, we have prepared some inspiration. But remember, don’t put all your rattan furnitures into the house, because if you overdo it, it can actually make the house look cramped. Come on, just take a peek at the rattan craft furniture ideas below!

Mirror Rattan

Mirrors are needed in a house. You can choose an aesthetic mirror with a frame that is woven from rattan crafts. Not only suitable for mirroring, this rattan craft mirror is multifunctional because it can make your walls more attractive, without being overly impressed.

Wicker Pot

grey buff round rattan tapered plant pot in rattan pot

Note that most Japanese homes always put indoor plants to reinforce the natural impression in the interior. You can also put the plants you like in pot-shaped rattan crafts. Now there are many unique and good forms of rattan pots. Just adjust the model and size according to taste and the availability of the room.

Wicker Basket

Baskets are the most common rattan craft. You can find many choices of rattan baskets with various models, sizes, and shapes. Come on, buy some to decorate your home. Rattan baskets are really suitable to be used as containers to put various items, ranging from small to large. That way, the house will look neater and of course space-saving.

Rattan Chandelier

rattan hanging lamplime tree london with rattan lamp

This rattan craft is beautiful and very suitable as a dining room decoration. A chandelier from rattan can make a natural impression on the house more pronounced. Moreover, the shape of the chandelier from rattan is now very diverse. Installing this rattan craft can make your home look more aesthetic.

Wicker Wall Art

This type of rattan craft in the form of a Bohemian-style circle wall Art is indeed less functional. However, the advantage is that this rattan craft does not take up space or is space-saving. Installing Bohemian-style rattan craft decorations on the walls will also make the home atmosphere less monotonous.

Wicker Hanging Shelf

Of course, this rattan hanging shelf is very space-saving because it will not fill the floor. Yes, this rattan hanging shelf is an area to put various items or other decorations. This rattan craft in the form of a hanging shelf is also quite multifunctional because it can be a bookcase, a place to put decorations, to a place for toiletries that make the bathroom cooler!

Wicker Stool

Complete your living room or family room with a stool made of rattan material. This rattan craft not only provides natural ornaments that amaze the eye, but also looks aesthetic and unique. This rattan craft can be used as an additional comfortable seat in the living room.

Wicker Kitchen Spice Basket

grey wash rattan rectangular basketmarquis dawe pertaining to rattan basket

Rattan craft in the form of a container with a mini and short size is very fitting to be placed in the kitchen. You can make it a container to put various jars of kitchen spices. The spice holder will be more organized and it is guaranteed that the cooking process will be more enjoyable because you will have no trouble finding the spices you need. The model of a mini tray-style container for seasoning is one of the most recommended forms!

Wicker Rug

The Japanese concept is synonymous with wood. Not infrequently the impression of wood is presented on the floor of the house with the walls remaining white or pastel to make it look brighter. However, even without a wooden floor, the impression of Japan can still come out if you use a carpet from natural materials. Carpets made of fine rattan will be perfect for those of you who want to make a warm and natural impression in your home.

If it is difficult to find a rattan rug, another alternative, you can use a burlap carpet. So, there’s no need to bother installing parquet or wood vinyl.

How about it, can you imagine how the house will look after adding the various rattan furniture above?

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