12 models of glass cabinets to Make Room Look More spacious

Saturday, October 6th, 2018 - Indoor and Outdoor Furniture
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It is not impossible in one room there are a lot of items and furniture that is placed. If so, the room will look crowded even though the size is very wide, there are several ways you can do to make the room look more spacious even though there are many items and furniture, for example by using a glass cabinet.

The glass cabinet is not just for storage space, but can also be used as a simple room partition. Because it uses glass material, you can see the inside of the closet or even penetrate into other parts of the room. This creates the illusion of a more spacious room.

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For those of you who are interested in using a glass cabinet so that the room looks more spacious, let’s look at some of the following beautiful models of glass cabinets!

1. Glass cabinet for storing plant collections

Ever seen a greenhouse that is home to a number of plants? This glass cabinet is a mini version of the greenhouse. To look more presentable, you can put your favorite ornamental plants in this glass cabinet. This translucent glass allows plants to still be able to photosynthesize in the closet.

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The upper part is slightly open so that the plant keeps getting air. This glass cabinet is also suitable for your plants that should not be directly exposed to sun exposure.

2. Large glass cabinets combined with wood

Glass cabinets do not mean that all parts must be made of glass. You can also use a glass cabinet that is combined with wood material. The result will create a strong and warm impression. This wood material can be used on the back of the cabinet, shelves, and the structure of the door so that the glass is not easily broken.

3. Glass cabinets for charming walls

The interior walls of the dwelling are not only in the form of a brick wall that is drawn and then painted. There are residential owners who want interior walls using natural stone, concrete or brick without pickles. It’s a pity if the beautiful wall is covered by an ordinary cupboard. Use a glass cabinet with all the surfaces made of glass like this.

Although placed near the wall, you can still enjoy the beauty of the wall. In fact, the wall can be a background that further beautifies the glass cabinet.

4. Glass cabinet that resembles an entrance gate

If you don’t have free space to place a glass cabinet, try making a built-in glass cabinet that resembles an entrance gate like this. Aside from being a place to store goods, this glass cabinet can be a barrier between one room and another.

Use a list of iron so that the structure is stronger. Give lighting from the top so that the glass cabinet looks more elegant. When walking in this area, be careful not to hit it.

5. Glass Kitchen cabinet with curved list

List in a glass cabinet does not always have to be rectangular or rectangular. You can also use a curved list like the one in this kitchen cabinet so that it looks more beautiful and dynamic.

Lists like this will not reduce the function of using a glass cabinet, you can still see the inside of the cupboard easily. The design of this glass cabinet is very well placed in a minimalist kitchen model.

6. Glass cabinet with wheels

The next model of a glass cabinet is a glass cabinet that uses wheels. The presence of these wheels will make it easier for you to move them to the desired corner of the room without the help of others and of course reduce the risk of broken glass when moved later.

This model cabinet is suitable for use as a minimalist partition in the room. Just make sure the wheels are locked properly so as not to shift to any direction and hurt the person walking around it.

7. Suitable glass cabinets are placed in the corner of the room

This one glass cabinet has a 90º angle so it is suitable to be placed in a corner of the room and is very efficient. This cabinet is suitable for display cabinets or display racks. The back uses mirror material so that it will add a broad impression to the room.

8. Glass cabinet for displaying your shoe collection

Which woman can resist this large glass cabinet to store all her shoes collection? Besides making the room feel more spacious, the glass cabinet for these shoes will make it easier for you to find the shoes you want to use. Give enough lighting so that the shoes inside can be cool displays when not in use.

9. Ancient glass cabinets

In the past there were many wooden cabinets that used glass on the door. For those of you who have a shabby chic, traditional, or vintage house, this one is suitable for you. This jengki model cabinet looks beautiful with the dominance of typical brown chocolate and glass doors on the top.

10. Glass cabinets and nightstand in the bedroom

Nakas or side tables that are usually placed next to the bed do not always have to be in the form of a table. You can use a small glass cabinet as a nightstand too. The shape is simple without carvings, suitable for Scandinavian or rustic-style bedrooms.

The upper part can be to put glasses, glasses, and vase decorations while the parts of the closet can be used to store books that are often read before going to bed.

11. Glass cabinets for elegant kitchens

Undeniably, the kitchen is one of the areas in the house that has lots of things. Starting from cooking utensils, food ingredients, electronic goods, to cutlery. It would be difficult to get rid of the items in this kitchen, so that a number of people eventually used a lot of cabinets to store all these items.

So that the cabinets do not make the kitchen feel tight, use a glass cabinet especially at the top. The kitchen will feel more relieved because you can see the room next to it through a glass cabinet. Plus, children cannot reach this glass cabinet without parental supervision.

12. Glass cabinets float on the wall

For a narrow room, the use of cabinets placed on the floor will make the room feel narrower. The right cabinet for you is a glass cabinet floating on the wall. It doesn’t need to be large, provided that this cabinet is enough to store important furniture or decorations.

Make sure that the position is not too low so as not to hit the heads of people passing by is also not easy to reach by children because it will endanger them. Don’t place it too high too so you don’t need to use a chair to get things from the closet.

Basically the use of glass cabinets can make the room look more spacious. However, also pay attention to its safety aspects so that the glass does not break then injure the occupants of the house. What model of glass cabinet do you like? Have a good choice!

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