5 Space-Saving Hanging Cabinet Ideas for Tiny Homes

Saturday, October 9th, 2021 - Wardrobe and Cabinet

Various Hanging Cabinet Models As a Space Saving Solution

In this modern era, many houses are made in sizes that are not too large. The most common reason is because land is increasingly limited and land prices are increasingly expensive. We are forced to live a minimalist life by buying only essential items. However, the house will still feel crowded if it is not arranged properly. Therefore, it is also necessary to choose space-saving furniture. For example, hanging cabinets.

This furniture is said to be space-saving because of its position at the top of the wall. This position will not interfere with our activities and is also easy to reach. Hanging cabinets can be said to be excellent furniture for small dwellings. Want to use a hanging cabinets in your home? Check out the 5 ideas that have been prepared below!

Glass Hanging Cabinet

Glass Door Hanging White Cabinet

The first hanging Cabinet idea is dominated by white. Some cabinets are equipped with glass doors. Others use wood material with slightly protruding accents. Its position is at the top of the clean kitchen area. Suitable for storage of cutlery or food ingredients.

Japanese Scandinavian Style

This minimalist Japanese hanging cabinet design is made of wood. It is light brown in color and features the natural fibers of the wood. On one side, there is a closed section, where you can use it to store kitchen utensils, toiletries, washing utensils and more. Meanwhile, the open part consists of two levels. Use it to put the items that are used most often. Then, add a tiny green plant pot decoration.

Hanging Display Cabinet

Hanging cabinets are basically multifunctional. Not only for storing essential items, but also for displaying your favorite collections like display racks, such as the hanging cupboard in this living room. The shape resembles an inverted U and is divided into several squares. The door is made of glass so that the collection can be seen easily. There is also a smaller version.

Modern Minimalist Hanging Cabinet

Modern Minimalist Wall Hanging Cabinet

For those of you who like a minimalist and concise design, take a look at this hanging cabinet. It is slim and elongated. The door opening or handle is hidden at the bottom in the form of a small hollow or you can use a pressed door opening model.

White color dominates this hanging cabinet. Meanwhile, on the sides and top use a light brown wooden frame. Without realizing it, this design also makes the hanging cabinet look more space-saving.

Modern Japandi Style

Having a large and complete dressing table is the dream of women who like make up. With hanging cabinets, you can make it happen even in a small house. The hanging cabinet in this modern Japanese-style residence is made together with the large cabinet on the left and right sides.

Those are 5 space-saving hanging cabinet ideas. Be sure to choose the right design and size as these cabinets are made to be permanently attached to the wall. Of all the inspirations above, which model do you like the most?

Pictures gallery of 5 Space-Saving Hanging Cabinet Ideas for Tiny Homes

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  • Modern Minimalist Japanese Scandinavian Hanging Cabinet
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