5 Minimalist Open Wardrobe Design for Various Displays

Sunday, October 10th, 2021 - Wardrobe and Cabinet

Minimalist Open Wardrobe Inspiration for the House to Look Nice

Do you agree that minimalist decorative cabinets have become an important part of a modern dwelling? In addition to having a storage role, minimalist decorative cabinets also function as a display solution to add to the aesthetics of the room. Well, because it is intended to display various decorations or other objects, you can choose an open design so that the displays in the wardrobe can be seen more clearly.

This multifunctional furniture can also be presented in a flexible and space-saving manner. Of course, open minimalist wardrobes are also suitable for all home concepts, from minimalism, vintage, Japanese, Scandinavian, classic, industrial, to contemporary. Come on, take a peek at some of the minimalist open wardrobe models below!

Wardrobe and Desk Combo

This space-saving open minimalist wardrobe has a classic design that blends with a work desk on the lower left side and a drawer on the bottom. This could be a fun WFH solution for you. Minimalist decorative cabinets have been arranged in such a way that they are more flexible for display and storage needs. You can also add dimly lit light strips to make this multifunctional furniture even more luxurious.

Minimalist Japanese Style with Lot of Partitions

Minimalist Open Design Wardrobe lots of partitions

When you hear the term minimalist decorative wardrobe, don’t peg or only think about various decorations. You can use an open minimalist decorative wardrobe as a part that supports daily needs.

For maximum results, choose one that has a lot of partitions. This Japanese-style minimalist wardrobe model will be an efficient and space-saving solution, especially if it is occupied with personal items that are used daily. The important thing is to arrange it neatly.

Under Stairs Wardrobe

If you have leftover space under the stairs, just use it for a minimalist decorative wardrobe. Of course, the wardrobe model under the stairs is more space-saving. With a built-in system, you can take advantage of the gap in the corner of the room under the stairs by presenting a minimalist wardrobe design. You can also customize with your creativity by adding a small table for coffee or work.

Partition Wall Wardrobe

partition wall Open design wardrobe combo

One of the multifunctional strategies in a room is to present a partition wall that doubles as an open design wardrobe. Not only is it more space-saving, the interior also looks more attractive.

The availability of open shelves on the partition allows you to display various unique home decorations or accessories. However, make sure not to overdo it in the arrangement of the shelves so that the partition function remains maximal.

Compact Open Design Wardrobe

Bedroom Open Design Wardrobe with Mirror

Want your bedroom to feel more personal and aesthetic? Don’t forget to present a minimalist open cupboard for easy access, such as books, displaying photo frames, to putting other personal knick-knacks. With a compact open design wardrobe can be side by side with the bed and will not feel cramped.

In addition to the model, make sure you also choose an open design minimalist wardrobe made of sturdy and quality materials to keep it durable.

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