Modern Minimalist Wall Mounted Folding Table for Space Saving

Various designs of Small Tables that are Versatile and Space-saving

The table is one of the furniture that must be owned by every dwelling. It will be very inconvenient if there are only a few tables or even none in a dwelling. Especially when eating, working, and putting various objects. Therefore, any small and narrow dwelling must have a table. Of course, with various considerations such as a size that is balanced with the size of the room, and has many functions to make it more space-saving. Yes, in short, you need a small multifunctional table!

Here are 6 inspirational beautiful small table models that are multifunctional and guaranteed to make you regret if you ignore them. Come on, just take a look together.

Small Curved Coffee Table and Bookshelf

Book lovers will surely be blown away by the inspiration of this little table. The design remains minimalist even though it has two tabletop surfaces, namely at the top and bottom and is equipped with one drawer. At the bottom you can use it to organize the books you often read. Meanwhile, you can store something that you often use in the drawer. The design is very simple, but able to highlight the details that many functions. The material itself uses light brown wood which is suitable for a modern and minimalist home design.

Small Table with Storage and Drawer: One Table for All Activities

This small multifunctional table can really be used for all activities. Starting from eating, working, playing, and storing various household items. This table is equipped with 3 drawers and one storage space, so the owner of the house is free to arrange it according to their needs. This small table model is very space-saving and multifunctional, very suitable for small houses.

Natural Wooden Table: Feels Back to Nature

Your living room needs a “back to nature” decor, but do you also need a side table or coffee table? The solution is to use a small table made of wood like the inspiration above. The table surface is circular and the material is fully made of wood.

Place this small table in the corner where the two sofas meet. Then, add a green plant pot decoration which is also synonymous with the “back to nature” concept. This small table can also be used to place a cup. Guests who sit far from the coffee table do not need to move from the sofa.

Wall Mounted Folding Table

Another alternative to the design of a small table that is both multifunctional and space-saving is a table that is attached to the wall. Without table legs, the room will look more spacious. The bottom can also be used to store chairs or other objects. The size of this table is small, enough to enjoy a meal and a cup of coffee. No need to worry, this table is permanently attached to the wall so it can support the load well.

Natural Minimalist Bedside Table

Minimalist design can never go wrong with any furniture, including a small table. In this inspiration, a table that really has a very simple design. The entire table is rectangular in shape consisting of wooden blocks. In the middle there is a small open area to store various items. Wrapped in natural wood brown color, making it look simple but still elegant. Suitable for bedside or in the living room as a side table or coffee table.

Minimalist Steel Side Table: Provides Leg Room

This small table can be used as a side table in the living room. In addition, it is also multifunctional as an impromptu work table. The bottom of the table has an open space. When moved to the front of the sofa to work, the space to put your feet will feel so relieved. The table legs are also only on one side so you can push them closer to the sofa.

That’s 6 inspirations for a small multifunctional table with a beautiful design for your home. Doing activities in the home also feels more comfortable. Hopefully its presence is no longer underestimated just because of its size.

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