5 Unique Minimalist Window Awnings Inspirations with Various Styles

Thursday, December 9th, 2021 - overhang

Anti-mainstream and Imitable Minimalist Window Awnings Design

Small but with many functions, the window canopy or window awning has become an important part that complements the exterior of a minimalist home. Not only decorative, a minimalist window canopy also provides a dramatic effect as well as protection against the scorching sun. The position of the minimalist window canopy is generally right above the window in various sizes and models.

For those of you who currently want to install a window canopy at home, here are some unique minimalist window canopy inspirations that you can use. Come on, just take a look together!

Minimalist Window Awning with Hinges

Modern Minimalist Yard and Terrace with Retractable Awning

The inspiration for the first minimalist window canopy is equipped with a practical hinge system. Can be folded when not needed, the controls on the minimalist window canopy have been arranged in such a way and as minimal as possible to keep it looking attractive.

The size of this minimalist window canopy model is also large enough so that you can safely and comfortably place a recliner under the canopy to relax in the afternoon, even during the day when the sun is at its hottest. For the recliner itself, you can choose a minimalist model to match the window and canopy design. Also, make sure you use a quality, weather-resistant recliner!

Modern Glass Window Awning

Modern Large Tinted Glass Window Awnings

The beautiful design of this residence comes through the choice of transparent materials. Shaded by a modern minimalist window canopy that is no less beautiful, the residence looks more complete and certainly more comfortable when in the daytime.

To add to the impression of luxury, you can add some lights with warm light shades between the window and the awning. Not just additional decorations, the presence of these lamps also performs its main function, namely providing a source of lighting in areas outside the house. If you want, you can also hold a barbecue with your family around the area under the minimalist window canopy.

Wooden Window Awnings

Minimalist Wooden Window Awnings

Made of wood, a minimalist window canopy can appear more fitting in a natural style home. The minimalist window canopy can also be equipped with spotlights. Thus, sitting at the front of the house is sure to be fun even at night. Don’t forget to maximize the moment, also choose a chair that is comfortable to sit on.

Minimalist Window Canopy Blur Style

For those who like the modern minimalist window canopy style and are thinner, you can use glass or polycarbonate materials. If you choose glass material, you can choose the type according to your taste. It can be transparent using clear glass, it can also be blurred with tinted glass or semi-transparent using ice glass. Retained by metal structures and supports, this minimalist window canopy is both unobtrusive and functional.

Aluminium Minimalist Window awning

Aluminum Minimalist Window awning Design Ideas

Talking about the minimalist window canopy design, one of the favorite materials that is often used is none other than aluminium. This lightweight metal material is ideal as a minimalist window canopy because it is more weather resistant, including from rain.

You can customize the model itself according to your needs. For example, if you only need a window canopy to minimize sunlight, then you can choose a line model with gaps, like the idea above. However, if you need something that can really shade the area of the house, choose an aluminium canopy that has a special cloth in the gap.

Always remember to use a minimalist window canopy from quality materials so that its use is also durable and more functional. From all the inspiration, look for the one that best fits the exterior design of your home. Hopefully the results are satisfactory!

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