5 Space-saving Corner Desk Ideas that Make a Room More Efficient

Tuesday, October 5th, 2021 - Desk

Various Space-saving Corner Desk Models for All Needs

How do you outsmart a limited space to keep it multifunctional and productive? One solution is to use a corner desk. It doesn’t take up much space, the right corner desk design can really help the interior layout and support the daily routine. In addition, the corner desk is also very effective in making the room look aesthetic.

Well, below are some space-saving corner table designs that you can choose and are suitable for almost all residential concepts, including the Japandi concept. Come on, just take a look together!

Simple Corner Desk for Studying Motivation

Grey L Shaped Minimalist Corner Desk

With a warm japandi interior concept, this corner desk is multifunctional in the bedroom. With the japandi concept, this corner desk also carries a minimalist style with a touch of elegance. Very suitable for a teenager’s room, which is very comfortable for studying and resting. The corner table comes with a hanging shelf that is also space-saving at the top to add to the aesthetics of the room.

Modern White corner desk

Scandinavian Modern Minimalist L Shaped White Corner Desk

Don’t let space limitations get in the way of productivity at home or the office. This corner desk perfectly fits into the structure of the space and creates a comfortable feel so it can be a way to create an efficient work area. The space-saving corner desk design will be maximized if you use a special L-shaped design with long leg room.

Round Mini Corner Table

Small Minimalist Round Corner Table

The corner table in this beautiful residence with the Japanese concept is here to steal the show. By choosing a corner table that is small and round in shape, the Japanese interior feels more flexible and not stiff. The design is small but still versatile, you can use it as a coffee table or a plant vase table to decorate the living room. For those of you who want to bring a corner table, you can try a table design like the one above.

Simple Square Corner Table

Only rectangular in shape with the right width and length, this corner table is able to appear multifunctional for its occupants. The presence of this corner table is quite effective because it is equipped with multipurpose drawers and shelves. To be more efficient, you can put a mirror on the wall just above this table. Even though it’s simple, don’t underestimate this tiny corner table that can function as a side table, work desk, or dressing table.

Corner Workstation Desk

Student Corner Workstation White Desk

This corner table is complete with drawers and cabinets, making it an ideal desk for studying or working at home. With a distinctive Japandi style, choose a table that is comfortable, durable, and multifunctional, just place it in your bedroom or workspace without taking up much space.

Of all the inspiration above, which corner table stole your attention? You can find various models of corner tables that are space-saving and multifunctional as above in your favorite furniture store. Or you can order it from furniture craftsmen, it will make you more flexible in determining the table material you want.

Pictures gallery of 5 Space-saving Corner Desk Ideas that Make a Room More Efficient

  • Student Corner Workstation White Desk
  • Simple Minimalist Wooden Corner Table with Drawer
  • American solid wooden Square Corner Table
  • Small Minimalist Round Corner Table
  • Scandinavian Modern Minimalist L Shaped White Corner Desk
  • Grey L Shaped Minimalist Corner Desk