Some Contemporary Curtain Design Ideas, Make the Room More Lively!

Saturday, October 30th, 2021 - Curtain

Various choices of the latest curtain models for your home

Choosing a curtain model can not be done carelessly. Because you can use curtains not only to protect windows, but also function as decoration elements so that the selection of models, shapes, and materials must be carefully considered.

As inspiration, this time there are several references to contemporary curtain designs that are not only functional, but can also make the interior look more charming. For that, let’s take a peek at the following 5 latest curtain models!

Vitrase Curtain

This type of curtain has a translucent character so that it displays a beautiful impression when exposed to sunlight. In addition, the use of this curtain model also allows you to enjoy the sunlight in the house, but still get privacy so that it is not seen by others.

Consisting of a variety of materials such as polyester, nylon, synthetic, to silk, this curtain model also has a light and thin material so it is often used as upholstery curtains. You can also choose a minimalist vitrase curtain design to be installed in a Japandi-style residence, or use vitrase curtains which are now available in various motifs or colors for other interior designs.

Blackout Curtain

Suitable for use in bedrooms or other areas that require full privacy, this curtain model is ready to make your quality time more calm because sunlight cannot penetrate into the room. In fact, this curtain model can also be used to minimize hot or cold air from outside so that you always feel comfortable when you are indoors.

Blackout curtains consist of various choices of materials, motifs, or colors. In use, you can choose blackout curtains with motifs such as flowers or patterns in classic-style residences or use plain motifs with neutral colors such as gray in modern, minimalist, and Japandi home decor.

Folding Curtain

modern Folding Curtain shades simple control incredible style

If you need simple and practical curtains, then this variation is perfect for use. Folding curtains can be used in small or large windows, and are usually equipped with ropes or handles so that they can be pulled to open or close them. Very easy to install, even without the need for tools such as drills, you can find a collection of folding curtain models with charming motifs on the market.

Roman Curtain

These curtains have folds with weights such as wood or iron so as to produce a unique look. In fact, these curtains are not only available for indoor use because several manufacturers are now providing roman curtain models specifically for outdoor use.

Regarding the design, there are many models of roman curtains available in the market. For example, there are plain models with neutral colors that are suitable to be placed in Japandi homes or line motifs that are very suitable to be installed in classic-style residences.

Roller Blind

Commonly referred to as roll curtains, this curtain design has a similar way of working like folding curtains, but the shape resembles a roll. In the market, this curtain model is available in two variants, namely a block-out model that is not translucent and a dim-out model to minimize sunlight into the room. In general, these curtains have a very simple design so they are suitable for use in a minimalist or Japandi interior decor.

The five curtain designs above have different shapes and functions to suit your needs and residential design.

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