Modern Minimalis Steel and Wood Oak Computer Desk with Drawers

Minimalist Computer Desk Inspiration with Various Models

Nowadays, it is very important to have a computer desk. This can make you more focused and comfortable when you have to go to school, college, or work from home. Therefore, choosing a computer desk should not be arbitrary. Choose a minimalist computer desk that is space-saving or in other words it doesn’t take up much space and if possible it can also be a storage area for your various work or study equipment.

Finding a minimalist computer desk is actually not difficult. Many manufacturers have made computer desks that look simple, multifunctional, and cool. However, of course you have to adjust it to the interior design of your home.

If you have a house with a limited area and carry a minimalist, modern, Japanese, or Scandinavian concept, a minimalist computer desk is certainly the right choice. As a reference, below are some minimalist computer desk design ideas that are multifunctional and space-saving for your home. Come on, see together!

Computer Desk With Drawer

Have a residence with a clean and minimalist concept? You can choose a minimalist computer desk design like the idea above which has several drawers and storage. The impression of a clean and modern minimalist is very visible in a table design like this. The combination of natural light brown, white, and gray colors will definitely fit together with the impression of a clean and modern minimalist room.

Floor Sitting Computer Desk

This minimalist computer desk is perfect for those of you who like to sit on the floor. The model is very simple, but also very multifunctional. Besides being able to work more relaxed at the desk, at certain moments you can also sit comfortably underneath it because this minimalist computer desk is very space-saving.

Computer desk with open storage

Have many children at home and need to provide a minimalist computer desk to be a place to study together? The minimalist computer desk design idea above with an open storage area is perfect for you.

The large number of open storage shelves consisting of various sizes can be used as a place to put a computer CPU, books, or other necessities. The room is guaranteed to be neater because there are no more scattered items.

Oak Japandi Computer Desk

The length of this minimalist computer desk is not too big. With a size that is not too big, this table is space-saving, but functional to put a laptop or computer. The shape is really unique and made of light colored wood so it fits perfectly when placed in a room with a Japanese interior design and your interior will look more spacious.

Computer Desk With Hutch

Don’t have space anymore to put a computer desk in the room? You can choose a minimalist computer desk design that blends with a wardrobe or hutch! You don’t need an additional cupboard to store school or office equipment. Precisely with this concept, your computer desk will be very space-saving. Don’t forget to make sure the part under your minimalist computer desk is made open as a place to put your feet so you are comfortable working for a long time at the table.

Simple Computer Desk

At first glance, this minimalist computer desk in brown wood and black looks ordinary in terms of shape. However, if you pay attention, the model of the legs made of metal is quite unique, where the right and left legs are connected to each other with an iron connection in the bottom center. This is what makes the computer desk above looks very minimalist but its legs are sturdy.

You can also add a matching hanging shelf above it. Guaranteed, the overall appearance will be cooler! By adding a hanging shelf at the top, this minimalist computer desk area is also very multifunctional because it can be a storage place for your various work or study equipment.

2 Person Computer Desk

Working with a partner at home must be fun, right? However, that means you have to have two computer desks to work together. So that you don’t take up too much space by presenting two tables, you can try this minimalist two-person computer desk. With a design like this, you can save space but still work with your co-workers.

Which minimalist computer desk model appeals to you the most? Make sure you choose the one that best suits the conditions of the room area and your interior design. Don’t forget to use an ergonomic office chair to make it even more comfortable!

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