Fish Scales Motifs Wall Art Decoration Ideas

Have you ever thought about changing the color of your plain, boring walls? You can change the walls of your home to be very interesting and give a different feel by applying some cool wall painting ideas. In this article, there are many wall painting ideas that you can copy to change your home atmosphere.

For example, you can make wall paintings with 3D concepts or stitches that can improve the mood of your home. Moreover, you don’t need to worry if you have never made a wall painting. It is because you can see a few steps on how to paint the walls through this article.

Top 8 Cool Wall Painting Ideas

Everyone surely wants to have a more lively and attractive home. You can change the boring walls of your home by applying wall paintings. So, the following are 8 cool wall painting ideas that you can apply to some rooms in your house:

1. Stripes

If you want to have a wall painting that never goes out of style, you can try applying stripes on your wall. Stripes have many styles, such as thick lines, big lines, or even you can combine several stripes styles. In addition, you can also choose the type of stripes that are suitable for your home, whether horizontal or vertical. Moreover, stripes will add style to your home and have attractive visuals.

2. Honeycomb

This is one of the cool paint designs that unique and popular, paint your plain walls into a honeycomb pattern. Moreover, the honeycomb motif will make the atmosphere of the room more cheerful and funky. And then, you can add bright colors, like orange and gray to complement the cheerful honeycomb motif.

3. Cross-stitched Accent

This is one of the cool wall painting ideas that can give a nostalgic feel. However, maybe you will work harder to make this wall paint because this pattern accent requires detail and precision. But if you make it patiently, you will get a beautiful and also unique wall accent. This is a beautiful wall accent for those of you who like cross-stitching.

4. Handwriting Statement Wall

For those of you who like beautiful and motivating words, you can apply it to your plain walls. You don’t need to work hard to make this design on your wall. However, all you need is a brush and also beautiful words that you can apply to your wall. So, this is why the handwriting statement wall is one of the cool designs to paint because it can make boring walls become more outstanding.

5. Rainbow Wall

You can apply rainbow as one of the cool wall painting ideas in your home to make the home atmosphere more lively and cheerful. Moreover, the Rainbow has many colors so that it can lift the ambiance of your home. The colors of the rainbow can provide interesting accents to the white walls of your home. Also, the rainbow design is suitable for you to apply to your child’s room decoration; surely your child will love it!

6. 3D Cube Wall

This is one of the cool painting designs, which makes your home more fun. You can add 3D wall effects to the walls of your home with this design. Before making a 3D wall effect, first, draft the lines and mark the colors so they don’t confuse you. For your convenience, you can use the painter’s tape in making straight lines and speed up the design process.

7. Ombre

This is one of the cool wall painting ideas that you can try to change the boring white walls of your house. Ombre design on the wall can make your home atmosphere warmer but also bright and enchanting. Moreover, to create a seamless ombre wall, you must be careful in combining a variety of colors. For example, you can start from a bright pink and finish with a light green at the bottom.

8. Fish Scales

Change your room to be more fun and exciting with the fish scales wall paint feature. So, you can use several colors on fish scales or you can apply ombre colors. Adding some color to the fish’s scales will be able to turn your boring wall into a more beautiful and colorful one. You can apply one of the cool wall painting ideas in your child’s room or nursery.

How To Paint Your Wall Like a Pro

You already know some cool wall painting ideas that you can apply to your home. If you are interested in applying wall paint in your home, you should know how to make it. The first step you can take is that you should make a shopping list.

Some of the materials you need to make wall painting are, paint, masking tape, primers, fillers, paint brushes, rollers, roller trays, and sandpaper. And then, you need to make sure that your wall is free of holes, bumps, or peeling paint. If there is peeling paint, you use a scraper to flatten the wall surface.

In addition, you can use a filler to fill gaps and holes. You need to scrub your walls with sandpaper if your previous wall paint is gloss and satin. And then, clean all your walls to remove dust and dirt using diluted sugar soap with water.

If you want to use a different color from the surrounding wall or ceiling, use tape along the edges. After your wall is dry, you can start to paint walls with a cool wall painting on your walls. You can apply paint using a roller to paint a large surface.

Moreover, you can use a small roller, or brush to paint a narrow surface or paint corners and edges. Avoid touch the paint before it dries and you must be careful when removing the tape. Clean all the tools you use and you are ready to show off your new wall.

Now you know how to overcome your boring walls by applying some cool wall painting ideas. You can choose several wall paintings that you think the concept is suitable for your home. Follow the steps on how to paint the walls to create the perfect wall painting.

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